Working for a better community.

Welcome to the Town of Port Rexton, our beautiful community located in the heart of Trinity Bight. We are a vibrant community of friendly people and a welcoming ambience. We have much to offer residents and visitors alike with a range of amenities, breathtaking scenery, and a fantastic trail network, including the internationally-renowned Skerwink Trail.

The Port Rexton Town Council has a fresh and energetic outlook with a vision to bring our community to its full potential – to prosper economically, socially, and culturally, while placing a high priority on the protection of our natural surroundings, heritage, and cultural identity.

Town Members

Dean Bailey (Mayor), Jeff Piercey (Deputy Mayor), Luke Fisher, John Vivian, Roland Taylor, Shirley Clark, and Sonja Mills.

Town Goals

The Town’s goals are to provide our residents with a high quality of life with expanded services, to attract young families to become part of the community, and to increase business development opportunities – all the while maintaining our natural scenic environment.