Shaping our futures

The Port Rexton area presents a broad range of employment opportunities across traditional and non-traditional sectors. Newcomers to the region might explore the following areas in particular:


It is estimated that 74,000 people visit the Bonavista Peninsula each year. Most of these visitors come through Port Rexton to walk our trails and beaches; to overnight in our inns, B&Bs, motels, and vacation homes; to dine in our restaurants; and to enjoy a drink at our local craft brewery and bar.


Construction is in high demand in Port Rexton and surrounding areas. Renovation of heritage structures, and new construction of commercial and residential properties is thriving as tourism and new residents locate to the area.

Film Production

Since the year 2000, over $50 million worth of TV series and feature films have been shot in Port Rexton and the surrounding area. Barbara Doran, a Port Rexton resident, has produced Random Passage, Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With, and The Grand Seduction. The Shipping News and Maudie were also shot in Port Rexton and neighbouring communities. For more information contact Morag Loves Company at

New Business Development

Port Rexton is a beautiful, fertile place to launch or relocate a business. It is strategically located within a three hours’ drive of 40% of the province’s population. During recent years, a number of new businesses have launched in the tourism and service sectors. Startup capital has been provided by numerous outlets. Our residents comprise a diversified and talented workforce.

The Port Rexton Town Council is a strong supporter of new businesses and entrepreneurship in the region. Please contact our Town Manager for information regarding the submission of business plans.